Mage Math for teachers

We are working on mobile versions of Mage Math for chromebooks and ipads. We hope to have it available soon.

Special Promotion for Teachers! Please share this limited time promotion.

 Entire class and all future classes for $25!!

**Promotion Extended** Lifetime Promotion Ends Soon - Then it will be an annual subscription.








Instructions to get Mage Math for your ENTIRE class!

Mage Math is playable on Windows 10 and Mac. We are working on chromebooks and mobile. 

1. Purchase Mage Math using your school email. Use Buy Now button. 

2. Click the Contact Us button to your right and send me this info.

  • Your school email you used to sign up with.
  • How many kids are in your class.
  • The grade you teach.

Thats it! You will receive an email within a few days with a coupon code to share with your students. Please do not share the code outside of your class. 

Last thing to do is SHARE this with all the other teachers so they can get in on this deal.


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Mage Math Game $ 25


  • Full Video Game 

  • Lifetime Updates

  • Access for all students in your class

Tools for teachers to use.

100+ Math Videos to be used in class!

We have over 100 math videos from Kindergarten to 6th grade. Our math videos are used in thousands of schools already. They are a great way to introduce a topic to the kids in a fun way. The videos can also be used as review or any way you please. If you cannot afford membership don’t worry! All our videos will be on our youtube channel.

360 Math Escape Rooms

We are adding 360 math escape rooms you can use in class or at home. They will be on most topics and are about 10 minutes in length. Kids will love learning the math and trying to escape at the same time. 

Worksheets on each video!

Each video you click on will have a worksheet that goes along with it. You can use the worksheets with the kids and the best part is that they can watch the video and know how to solve the problems. Most of our videos solve one problem on the worksheets.

Math Mysteries with Videos

We are also adding math mysteries with fun videos your whole class can use. These are fun activities that test a group of math skills and adds that FUN factor to help kids enjoy the math.

More coming soon so check back!

What is Mage Math?

Here is a link to our math content page to get started.