Mage Math for schools

Mage Math was designed to be played at home but some schools are using it on their computers. If you are interested contact us below. Now let’s see what awesome FREE stuff we have for you teachers and schools!

Tools for teachers to use.

100+ FREE Math Videos to be used in class!

We have over 100 math videos from Kindergarten to 6th grade. Our math videos are used in thousands of schools already. They are a great way to introduce a topic to the kids in a fun way. The videos can also be used as review or any way you please. They are all FREE!

Free Worksheets on each video!

Each video you click on will have a worksheet that goes along with it. You can use the worksheets with the kids and the best part is that they can watch the video and know how to solve the problems. Most of our videos solve one problem on the worksheets.

Interactive Quizzes and Questions

We are also adding quizzes that can be answered in class that cover many of the questions you will find on worksheets and in the game. This will also be on the same page as the math videos so it is all in one easy spot. The quizzes are a great way to get kids answering questions in class, then show the video and see how they did. 

Massive Discount on Mage Math

If any of your parents are interested in Mage Math we can provide for a limited time a coupon code. These are not regular promotions we do. They are HUGE discounts off the game for your class or the ENTIRE school if you would like. They also can be openly broadcast to all your parents on school websites to make it easy. Contact us below for more details.

Free Content

Take a look at the free content by clicking the link below or math videos in the top menu.

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We offer deep discounts for schools to give to parents.

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