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Mage Math is more than just a math game. Check out all the web content you and your class get as a teacher. 

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  • You get access to ALL math videos on the website. 

  • No ads on the videos

  • Free Math Worksheets & Grade Helpers

  • You can upgrade anytime

Class Membership $ 39


  • Class gets access to ALL website content!

  • Access to Math videos, VR Math Escape Rooms, Math Mysteries, Worksheets, AR Lessons, Microscope World Activities and more!

  • 30 day money back guarantee

  • Same access for next years students for as long as you are a member

  • Entire class gets access in school and at home

**Please take note, the annual teacher memberships do NOT give your students access to the Mage Math video game. The video game Mage Math is meant to be played at home and is a full video game.**

We have TONS of cool content that will help your students have fun learning. Check it out!

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