Fantasy Math Adventure Game

Mage Math is a fantasy adventure game where kids

fight monsters, use magic, and practice math. Join us

as we combine math and adventure!

We also have math videos, worksheets, in class quizzes

and more.


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Our goal is to help your kids feel confident in math.

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The Mage Math World Needs You!

Mage Math is a fantasy adventure game where kids fight monsters, use magic and practice math at the same time. The game has two parts to it. The first part is where you spend most of your time exploring levels, finding powerful Number Stones, fighting monsters, fulfilling quests, finding gold, leveling up and other fun things. The second part is how you get your magic by practicing math and using math videos inside the game to help you. That’s right!!! The math videos are INSIDE the game so your kids will feel more confident in answering the math questions as they learn.

Mage Math was inspired by our love for learning and adventure video games. This game is a full video game that includes a full story line with many hours of leveling up and finding out who is creating chaos in the Math Realms. You can also get little helpers to help you fight the monsters plaguing the lands.

Come join the adventure and help us save the Math Realms!

Ages 6 to 13


If you are a Teacher looking for the math videos they are free on our site. We do also offer worksheets and other items for in school and at home. Click the link below.

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Use Math Skills

You will be able to use your math skills and learn new ones in Math Village. You will be able to master previous math skills which will help you master new ones. The best part is math becomes fun because you will be more confident as you play.

Get Helpers

You will have lots of people helping you save the Math Realms along the way. Cute dragons help you fight and wizards can help you fight and gain more magic. Get more people to help you as you save the Math Realms!

Find Gold and Items

Throughout the levels you will be able find gold, potions, crystals, health items and more. You can use what you find to purchase items in the shop. Each item will help you on your journey to find the number stones. 

Battle Epic Monsters

Put your magic skills to the test as you battle the many monsters that are plaguing the lands. It is up to you to help free the lands from the evil that has taken hold and is causing these monsters to wreak havoc. If you are skilled enough maybe some of the monsters might join you.

Explore Huge Realms

Each of the 10 realms are very large maps that will allow you to have plenty of time to explore and seek out your destiny as you battle your way through the massive maps. You might even find potions that will speed your journey along.

Find Number Stones

In order to defeat the one who is causing all the chaos you must find all ten number stones. As you find each Number Stone you will become more powerful. It is up to you to bring peace to our lands. Good luck Champion!

Master Math Games

As you play the game and answer math questions you can master math games. By answering all the questions correctly you will be able to hold more mana. What makes this game amazing is that kids will get to master all the math topics in the grades below them to have a strong foundation in math. The more games they master the more mana they can hold.  We are pretty proud of this part of the game. 

Math Videos

Another really cool feature is we have put the math videos next to the math games! This allows kids to watch the video before answering questions or if they get stuck they can watch the video any time. The math videos inside the games are the same ones that are used by thousands of teachers and parents.  This helps kids feel like a champion in math by learning the concept and then practicing it.



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