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Inequalities 6th Grade

Kids will learn about Inequalities for 6th grade. We also use a number line diagram to represent solutions to problems.
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Kids will learn to represent three-dimensional figures using nets made up of rectangles and triangles, and use the nets to find the surface area of these figures. Pause the video at any time for questions.
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Ordering and Absolute Value

This video helps kids understand ordering and absolute value of rational numbers. This video along with the others is inside the Mage Math game.
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In this video we cover percentages and what a percent is. Learn how to solve what a percent of a number is.

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Quotient of Fractions

In this video kids use previous understanding of multiplication and division to divide fractions by fractions. This is gonna be fun! You guys are AMAZING!

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What is a Ratio?

Learn what a Ratio is and how they are used in real world problems. Students will be amazed how often they see ratios so let’s understand them more.

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Ratios and Tables

Kids will use ratio and rate to solve real-world and mathematical problems in this fun video. Ratios and Tables ROCK!

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Real World Equations

6th Grade kids will solve one variable equations and inequalities in this video. This video along with the others can be found inside Mage Math so check it out!

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Unit Rate 6th Grade

Join us as we learn about using ratio and rate reasoning to solve problems in this fun math video for 6th grade. Check out our game as well.

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Unit Rate Word Problems

Using ratio and reasoning we  will solve word problems. Join us and pause the video at any time for comprehension.

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Variables Two Quantities

In this video we represent and analyze quantitative relationships between dependent and independent variables. This video is also in Mage Math along with our questions.

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Write Read Expressions

Students will learn how to write, read, and evaluate expressions in which letters stand for numbers. Oh yeah, this is gonna rock!

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Order of Operations

Here is an extra video we did that helps kids apply previous understanding to more difficult problems. Our video on order of operations will is designed to help kids put together much of what they have learned.

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Order of Operations

Students will learn about data sets for 6th grade in this fun math video. We will talk about what a data set is and will also learn about mean, median, mode, and range.

Extra Content

Learn the Solar System in VR

AR Lessons

Classroom Helpers 6th Grade

Our Small World Microscope Adventures

Fun VR Activities

Fun VR activities for kids. Great as an incentive to finish their work.

Here are some fun videos found in other grades that you might like to use in class.

Controlling Emotions Math

Controlling Emotions

Come learn to control your emotions with Mr. Box in this fun video for kids.
Kindness video for kids

Kindness Video for Kids

This is a video we created to help kids learn kindness and self worth. It was designed for our youtube channel but we post all our videos here without ads. We hope kids learn that we are all different and that is what makes us amazing!
We would like to thank Christina Gawlik for the amazing videos and many hours she put in to help us with the videos.


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