Create your own FREE 360 VR escape room

Thanks to a wonderful teacher and her efforts you can now create your own math escape rooms using the 360 VR content that is found on the website. You will use google forms to create the escape rooms. You can choose to have as many questions as you want. If you have any questions or see that I have missed something please email me by using the contact option in the menu.

I recommend starting with the google forms example below and it will help you see how to build them. Thank you for all you do as teachers.

This is the link to the google drive folder and the google forms example where you can access all the free content to make your own escape room. 

The 360 room below is an example of what the rooms look like and how you move around in them. You can use a mobile device or just click and drag on a computer. The mobile devices are fun because kids can move around and feel like they are in the room. I recommend hitting the full screen button to fill the screen of the phone, tablet or iPad. 

Right now I only have 3 escape rooms (Haunted Mansion, Space Pod Escape, Merlin’s Cave)  to choose from but if teachers use this and like it I will make more. Please let me know so I know how many teachers are using it and want more.