Spencer-Van Etten Elementary School

Pilot of Mage Math

Grades 1 to 6

Instructions to get your FREE lifetime access to Mage Math.

First I would like to thank your school for allowing us to give access to an entire school. It is exciting to see kids get excited about math but even more so I love seeing kids feel confident in math so this will be great. 

Below are instructions of how to get Mage Math on your windows PC. I am currently working on a Mac version but it will take a while so sign up now so you are ready when Mac is available. Currently Windows 10 is what it works on.



  1. Click the link below to go to the Pricing Page.
  2. Then click the Buy Now button
  3. You will now be on a new page and this is IMPORTANT – Near the bottom it says “Have a coupon?”  
  4. Click the have a coupon and put in coupon code   Etten
  5. Then fill out the form and you should not need to pay at all. DO NOT PUT IN CREDIT CARD INFO as this is free for life. 
  6. Then it will ask you to download the game and then you can play and learn!
  7. Last of all is if your child likes it or has questions about the game or has ideas for the game, use the Contact Form to let us know your thoughts. **Please do not share the coupon code as it will expire at the end of August and is meant for kids of Spencer-Van Etten Elementary School.*** Thank you.