Welcome PlayStation!

Gameplay of Mage Math game for grades 1 – 6.

This gameplay shows what gameplay is once you are past the tutorial and what the rest of the game is like. Kids love the companions and I tried to include some of that. There is a lot to show but you can see the full game in the application.

This is realm 3 to show a little bit of what the different realms look like. There are 10 in total from different places such as sand dunes, underwater, maze, snow, lave, etc. 

This gameplay shows the end boss fighting for the 1st realm and into the 2nd realm. 

This video is what we call AWESOME! Kids will approach a math house and most math houses have videos that teach the math concept. Then you go into the math house and answer the math questions with a knowledge of what you are doing. Kids can always go back to the math video and house. This video may not seem as cool but it is one of our favorites because this is where kids not only enjoy a video game but build some math confidence.

We would like to thank you PlayStation for looking at our game. If you have any questions you can contact [email protected].

We really look forward to seeing kids enjoy Mage Math on PlayStation. Thank you.