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Hello parents! We are glad you are here and looking at this fun game called Mage Math. This game will be great for your kids to not only have fun but to practice math in a real open world video game. As you can see we also have tons of math videos on our site that are all free to use. See below for more information about what Mage Math is and how you can get it for your child. If you just want to view the videos click the video link on the right or in the menu. We hope your child has tons of fun while learning math.

Hello teachers! You are most likely looking for the Free math videos. Yes, they are completely free to use in the classroom. Gotta love free. Click the Video link below or the Video Grades in the menu above.  

We are getting close to the finish line and are super excited to see more kids enjoy Mage Math. Signup for our email list to keep posted.

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