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You are amazing teachers and I want you all to succeed and hope that my math videos help your kids feel more confident in math. If you want the teacher membership but cannot afford it please contact me and I will help you out.

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When our Mages and Wizards heard of your desire to allow your students to enter the Mage Math world, they leaped for joy and set to work casting spells that would create a magical portal that would allow them to enter our realm.

A group of 30 wizards and 15 dragons gathered in front of the portal and cheered for joy as they knew your students’ entrance would be soon.

When they heard how amazing your students are a hush fell over the Math Realms in reverence and awe. Silent tears of joy were shed knowing that your class would soon save the realms. Even the rock monster cried, but he won’t admit it (thinks he’s a tough guy).

As we await your students’ arrival we look forward to the fun and learning that will happen. We thank you for allowing your students to come on this journey. Your work is greatly appreciated.

Please tell us if there is anything you need. Your class is AMAZING!! Link to give Mage Math web access to your students is below.

The videos are now free but if you wish to upgrade to all the fun extra content, you can do that anytime. If you are struggling to afford the cost please email me and I will help you out. Thanks